Timber Toss - A fun toss game everyone can play!

Timber Toss game

What is Timber Toss?

Kelsyus Premium Timber Toss is a unique and seriously fun log throwing backyard game that will quickly become a central feature at your outdoor gatherings. The first one to score 40 points wins.

Setting Up:

  1. Set the Timber Toss pins up in a tight diamond shape with the number 9 pin in the middle as shown in image A-1.
  2. Mark the “Throwing Line” 9-13 feet away (depending on skill level) from the Timber Toss pins as shown in image A-2.

How to Set-Up Timber Toss

How to Play

Each player has one throw per turn (underhand throws are preferred) until a player or team reaches 40 points. This requires strategy because of a player/team goes over 40 points, they revert back to 20 points and play continues.


If one pin falls, the player/team receives the face-value number on the p in that was knocked down. For example, if the #6 pin is the only pin knocked over, the player/team would score six points for that round.

If two or more pins fall, the player/team receives one point per pin that falls. For example, if the #5, #6 and #7 pins are knocked over the player/team only scores three points for that round. A pin must be lying flat to count as a score.

Remember: You have to score and even 40 points or you/your team will revert back to 20 points.

Looking for more copies of game rules and scoring cards? Click here to download a printer ready PDF document.

Kelsyus Premium Timber Toss Set includes:

  • Nine (9) timbers
  • One (1) throwing log
  • High quality carrying crate
  • Official rules and score card

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