Timber Toss - A fun toss game everyone can play!

What is Timber Toss?

Kelsyus Premium Timber Toss is a unique and seriously fun log throwing backyard game that will quickly become a central feature of your outdoor gatherings. The first one to score exactly 50 points wins. But watch out - it's addictive!

Setting Up:

  1. Set the Timber Toss pins up in a tight diamond bunched together with the #9 pin in the middle as shown in Image A-1 below.
  2. Mark the "Throwing Line" by placing the Timber Toss crate 9-13 feet (depending on skill level) away from the Timber Toss pins as shown in Image A-2 below.

How to Set-Up Timber Toss

How to Play

Each player has one throw per turn (underhand throws are preferred) until a player or team reaches 50 points. This requires strategy because if a player/team goes over 50 points, they revert back to 25 points and play continues. If a player/team does not knock over any pins for three consecutive turns, they are disqualified for that current game.


If one pin falls, the player/team receives the face-value number on the pin that was knocked down. For example, if the #6 pin is the only pin knocked over, the player/team would score six points for that round.

If two or more pins fall, the player/team receives one point per pin that falls. For example, if the #5, #6 and #7 pins are knocked over the player/team only scores three points for that round. A pin must be lying flat to count as a score.

Remember: You have to score an even 50 points or you/your team will revert back to 25 points.

Rules and scoring can get blurred in the heat of battle and we want to help you with bragging rights! Click here to download the game rules and scoring card (PDF). Click here to download extra scorecards (PDF).

Kelsyus Premium Timber Toss Set includes:

  • Nine (9) timbers
  • One (1) throwing log
  • High quality carrying crate
  • Official rules and score card

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