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Kelsyus Water Floats and Coolers

Kelsyus floats and coolers are the perfect way to stay cool at the pool, lake, or beach. With features like comfortable fabric-covered inflation, built-in cup holders and coolers, backrests, ottomans, and convenient side clips, you'll never want to leave the water!

Floating off to your happy place? Our Floating Hammock, Sunsolite, and Fold-A-Float water floats provide a luxurious recline-and-float experience. Catching up with friends? Create your own flotilla with sit-up style floats like the Floating Lounger, Floating Chair, and River Rider Lounger. Tether up our Floating Cooler to any of our water floats and you've got a party!

Floating Lounger
Price: $39.99 
Floating Chair
Price: $33.99 
Floating Hammock
Price: $29.99 
Regular Price: $69.99
On Sale: $49.99 
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Price: $19.99 
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Floating Cooler
Price: $42.99 
River Rider Lounger
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